Our belief is simple: we deliver service while developing trust.


Our History

AIB was created in 2011 in Angola.

AIB became in 2013 the largest insurance broker in Angola.

In 2014, AIB became a licensed Angolan reinsurance broker.

In 2016, it decided to invest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique and Tanzania. 

On May 23rd 2017, the insurance regulator in Mozambique the ‘ISSM’ approved Allied Insurance Brokers AIB Corretor de Seguros Lda. 

On August 3, 2017, the Tanzanian insurance regulator ‘TIRA’, approved the authorization of AIBT Limited.

In 2018 AIB became the largest insurance broker in the DRC.

In September 2018, Louis Groenewald relocated to Cape Town in order to become Risk Officer to the AIB Group.

In January 2019 we created a regional office in Nairobi, Kenya.  We are not a licensed insurance broker in Kenya.

Since 1967 the DRC insurance sector was a monopoly.  On 28th March, 2019 AIB was licensed under the Autorité de Régulation et de Contrôle des Assurances the insurance regulator in the DRC.

February 2020 Olea became a shareholder in AIB T in Tanzania.

April 2021 Olea became a shareholder in AIBA in Angola.

May 2021 Olea became a shareholder in AIB M.

Our Insurance Products